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Sara Rodrigues


Sara Rodrigues at Taranto for The End of the World Service, March, 2022

Sara Rodrigues (Porto, 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist working in audiovisual composition, performance and installation, with an immersive research-led practice that often materialises in context-specific and collaborative projects. Exploring the interconnectedness of humans with their ecosystems, both micro and macro, the work examines how life forms are shaped by systems of power and control and envisions alternative forms of life-making and co-liveability. By engaging with the various senses and often calling for participation, the work aims to create forms of affect within and effect beyond it. Sara has a BMus in Music and an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University and since 2015 has been the co-director of the New Maker Ensemble. Since 2020 she lives in Landra with Rodrigo B. Camacho: an oak forest and growing centre on agroecology, regenerative cultures and non-institutional art.

Biography last updated: 2022