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Judith Lösing


Judith Lösing is an architect, joiner and gardener. She has been a core member of Musarc’s ensemble since 2012. Judith is a director at East and the first research fellow at the Architecture Foundation. On Fridays she volunteers for the Orchard Project and the Hackney School of Food. Her knowledge of materials and plants has influenced an attitude towards careful and pragmatic detailing, and she enjoys conversations on site as well as the strategic development of briefs and projects with local authorities and other multi-headed clients. Her research with the Architecture Foundation on the London Arboretum is aiming to instigate a nuanced discussion around the cultural and spatial role of trees in the city, and how we shape it. Judith’s work at East has won awards at RIBA London, Building Design, New London Architecture, and as Public Realm Architects of the Year.

Biography last updated: 2023