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Musarc at Wysing Polyphonoic

Workshop Programme

728 May 2016
School of Art, Architecture and Design, LondonMet



Thursday 2 Jun 2016, 1211pm
Wysing Arts Centre

Lin Chiwei, Tape Music (Score for Musarc), 2015. Film by Joseph Kohlmaier and Yiannis Katsaris

Musarc has been invited to come to Wysing by artist, tenor, composer and long-standing choir tenor Sam Belinfante. The choir will perform Lin Chiwei’s Tape Music. Score for Musarc (2015), Sam Belinfante’s 'performance score' of Stanford’s The Bluebird, and work with Sam and Elaine Mitchener.

Wysing Polyphonic is the seventh annual music event at Wysing Arts Centre and the first to be fully acoustic; with no microphones, speakers, backing tracks, laptops or electronics. A range of musicians and visual artists have responded to the parameters of the festival which will rely on their experimental approach to working with voice, instruments and objects. Performances include abstract sound experiments, drone, choral ensembles, improvised jazz, whistling, song, spoken word, and performances using ancient instruments. Much of what will take place at will be improvised and completely unique to the festival and the specific surroundings and context of Wysing.

The line-up includes: Adam Bohman / Adam Christensen / Andy Holden / Barnaby Brown / Crispin Best / David Blandy / David Toop / Emma Smith / Evan Parker / Florence Peake / Jenny Moore / Jennifer Walshe / Keef Winter / Keiko Yamamoto / Linda Stupart / Larry Achiampong / Laura Cannell / Laura O’Neill / Megan Nolan / Musarc choir / Natalie Price Hafslund / Pierre Berthet / Paul Purgas / Rachel Benson / Richard Dawson / Rie Nakajima / Sam Belinfante / Secluded Bronte / Tomomi Adachi

Event Info

Wysing Arts Centre, located on the edge of the village of Bourn in south Cambridgeshire, has been at the vanguard of providing ways to support artists to make new work and reach new audiences for over twenty five years. The centre has ten buildings including studios, live-work space, specialist new media facilities, a large gallery, education facilities and a 17th century farmhouse used as accommodation for residencies and retreats.

Wysing aims to provide alternative environments and structures for artistic research, experimentation, discovery and production. In 2010 Wysing was invited to join Plus Tate; one of only two of the twenty organisations in the network whose work is focused on process and production rather than on the presentation of extant work.


Musarc at Wysing Polyphonic
Saturday 2 July 2016, 12–11pm
£32.5  £22.0     Eventbrite

Wysing Arts Centre
Fox Road
Bourn, Cambridge CB23 2TX